Why Chose Us

Global reach
Collaborating with 5000+ mobile supply partners worldwide, Flymobi provides diverse solutions for all types of advertising activities to meet your mobile advertising goals.
Performance Based
Advertiers will only spend on advertising if the agreed action, or other performance point is achieved. This makes mobile marketing easy to plan, scalable according to budgets and risk-free.
Professional Service
Flymobi provides dedicated account manager who will take care of mobile performance advertising needs and deliver your ROIs.


  • Analyzing multiple signals including short CTIT, referrer mismatching, multi-touch distribution patterns
  • Identify and blocking all bots and botnets in real-time
  • Maintaining huge active databases for the mobile devices and automatically blocking device farms
  • Detecting and reporting in one simple tool

Ecosystem & Technical

Programmatic Ads Technical Framework

Data Management & Targeting

Let us help your business to find more users who look and act like your best, most profitable existing customers.

With our Look-alike modelling, we can extend the reach of your online advertising campaigns and increase your conversions.

  • Analyze existing customers
  • Comparing customers
  • Acquire new users with same characteristics

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