Why Chose Us

Flymobi helps publishers, media buyers and agencies reach their objectives and even exceed their expectations. 

  • Direct and Exclusives Offers

    500 +

  • Most popular verticals

    15 +

  • Countries Covered

    200 +


Monetize your traffic with us

Flymobi gives you access to worldwide CPI/CPA/CPE offers to monetize your traffic.

Performance-based and proven to deliver profits, Flymobi helps you improve your earnings and realize all potentials.

We offer you:

  • High rates & top payouts
  • Top performing offers and flexible cooperation terms
  • All geos & verticals
  • Detailed real-time statistics
  • Quality 24/7 technical support
  • Individual approach & personal manager

SSP Ready

The only way to win at mobile advertising is to have a deep understanding of what drives your audience, and the ability to take action on that knowledge. Flymobi programmatic advertising supply side platform (SSP) offers app developers the chances.

  • Uncover New Insights

    Leveraging machine learning and proprietary algorithms to optimize bids based on user characteristics, resulting in higher revenue for you while maintaining inventory fill rates.

  • Maximize Revenue

    Providing smart and powerful system for maximizing revenue, our trusted solutions enable more than 5000 brands to reach over 1 billion unique visitors every month.

  • Provides higher efficiency

    With just one SSP API integrated, increases fill rates on existing impressions by connecting them with the largest demand sources in order to execute some of their biggest campaigns efficiently.


SDK On The Way

Apps ready

Users ready

Now it’s time to monetize

You need the Flymobi SDK: the most superior monetization SDK for apps. We have a global network of premium demands, who can help you maximize your income from your inventory. Integrate our SDK now and start earning revenue from your app within days!

  • With just a few lines of codes, the SDK can be integrated
  • You can access diverse and premium demand from across the globe
  • Various ad formats supported-Interactive ad, Rewarded video, Interstitial video, Native ad,offer wall
  • 20% and more revenue increased after integrated with Flymobi SDK

Ad format & Types

Ad format

Create highly engaging ad formats (100+ templates):





dynamically create the right message

automatically generate and manage large libraries of creatives

combine creatives and data

optimize to get the highest performing creatives

Gallery(100+ templates)

Customized(HTML5 formats)

Compatible with(external tracking systems)

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Real-time Analytics

Banner Ads
Native Ads
Video Ads
  • Allow users to have better experience and higher click-through rate and conversion rate
  • By far the best digital advertising form in the industry
  • Native ads include but not limted to below form

In banner video

Place a video in the placement of banner, to achieve better display


Rewarded video

Full screen rewarded video ads give users better engagement


In-stream video

Display your video ad before, after or in the middle of a video